Jack Dennison

During nearly a decade of work the Dennison’s restoration business grew from a fledgling startup to become a dominant industry leader known for its full-service capability, rapid growth, operational excellence, and consistently high customer satisfaction. Their full-service restoration company was an active partner in an unprecedented number of major Third Party Administrator Networks; the company was chosen for nearly 30 major insurance carrier preferred contractor programs; and was licensed as a General Contractor in 14 municipalities.

The Dennison’s company received numerous local, state and national awards including Contractor Connection’s Golden Hammer Award as a Top Performer; Forbes Magazine selected them for the Best in Business Colorado Construction Award; and Professional Remodeler awarded them with the America’s Top Remodeler Award.

Over the span of their work the Dennison’s full-service Restoration Company achieved an average annual growth rate of nearly 50%. In 2012, the company was honored as the single fastest growing minority owned company in the State of Colorado.

Jack Dennison is an entrepreneurial business leader who has successfully established numerous business startups prior to entering the restoration industry. Business Development has always been Dennison’s strongest capability and the area of his greatest success. Dennison writes for a number of industry national and international trade magazines and is a prolific blogger. He hosts webinars for U.S. franchisors in strategies to accelerate revenue growth and improve profits, and hosts The Restoration Entrepreneur Podcast. He is a conference speaker, author, and is a recipient of the Lifetime Global Who’s Who Top Professional Award.


Jackie Dennison

Jack Dennison shared his restoration industry experience and success with his highly skilled wife and partner Jackie Dennison who spent 25 years in commercial real estate property management and brokerage prior to joining him in the Restoration industry. She served as a Property Manager in Denver’s downtown business district, at the time the largest commercial property holding in the Western States where she excelled in operations efficiency and effectiveness. Jackie is a recipient of the Who’s Who in America Award.

Their work focuses upon three fundamental Performance Objectives:

  • Accelerating Gross Revenue
  • Achieving Operational Excellence
  • Increasing Net Profit