Coaching Plans You Can Afford

At The Restoration Entrepreneur our Business Coaching is all about YOU! Helping you grow your business with actionable plans that bring immediate results is our chief goal. Whether it is being selected by multiple TPAs and becoming an insurance program contractor, or taming the wild beast of construction services and increasing profits we help you quickly get on the right track.

Our Coaching Services are focused and affordable, and many times more valuable than its cost! You could easily be on your way to transforming your business and changing your life!

Each Coaching Plan is tailor made and brings a pinpoint focus to the unique and specific needs your company is facing. Our Plans are organized by the length of time and degree of attention needed to design and implement the strategies that will transform your business.

Whether the Plan that fits your needs is a 3-month plan or a 6-month plan or a 9-month plan or one that we can customize for your unique needs you can be certain that you will get the help you need in catapulting your business to the next level of its growth.

Contact me today for your FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION and pricing, and I will introduce you to proven strategies and on-trend tools to help you take your business to higher levels of growth and profoundly greater profitability.

9 Month Coaching Plans

restoration business coaching

The Business Transformer

Double, Even Triple Your Business in 18 – 24 Months

Some business owners are uniquely ready to make the commitments to the strategies necessary to transform their business taking it to new levels pf growth. Accelerating revenue, improving operational efficiencies, gaining greater profits, and increasing personal wealth will change your business and your life. This is the premiere plan that provides ALL the skills, strategies, and tools available to you to achieve the greatest overall results in transforming your business into an award winning, hyper growth company.

restoration business coaching

The Startup Igniter

Race to Success with Rock-Solid Sales Sources and a Ready-for-Growth Business Foundation

Every new owner begins his or her business with the dream of becoming a multimillion dollar company. To achieve this you need a business built for growth with an immediate river of sales. The Startup Igniter delivers both. We will propel your growth with robust mitigation and construction services and provide sources, strategies, techniques and tools that will have your phones ringing in no time! There is no more effective plan available anywhere to insure you first year is a great one!

Restoration business coaching

The Retirement Achiever

Maximize Your Business Sale and Cross Over into Retirement with Financial Security

We help you get the maximum value for the business you worked so hard to build. Over a span of two years we will help insure your business growth is positive and rising; your net profit is strong and increasing; and each aspect of your financial and operational structures represents the best practices of our industry. You CAN achieve a top dollar sale of your business if you take time to prepare. The countdown to retirement could begin today!

6 Month Coaching Plans

Restoration Business Coaching

The Revenue Generator

The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business Sales Growth

Available only at The Restoration Entrepreneur this plan delivers the greatest number and most highly effective strategies for becoming a successful insurance program contractor. Through participation in any of the 8 National Third Party Administrator Networks and selection by community based government agencies, local fire services, and effective marketing to insurance agents, plumbers, and property managers you will produce more work than you can possibly imagine.

restoration business coaching

The Sales Doubler  

Fast Track Your Company’s Growth by Becoming a Full-Service Industry Leader

If you want to reach your company’s greatest revenue potential adding construction services to your restoration business is an absolute MUST. You can grow the multi-million dollar business you have always dreamed of having. If you are not currently offering construction services NOTHING will add more revenue and generate greater profits for your business growth than adding this vital sales generator.

Restoration business coaching

The Profit Maker

Make More Money Than Ever Before Managing Your Business Like a Pro!

Many business owners fail because they lose sight of their dream and begin focusing on the wrong things. If you are a frustrated owner who finds your mitigation and construction services just too much to handle we can help you get back in control managing your business like a pro! For every 1% of improvement you add 5 times that amount to your cash flow and net profits. Gaining control of material costs, subcontractor relationships, workflow, estimating, and other operational matters can make you more money than you ever thought possible.

3 Month Coaching Plans


The Cash Flow Accelerator

Blow the Lid Off Your Cash Flow Chaos

You’d be hard pressed to find a business owner who didn’t believe cash flow is one of their biggest and most urgent problems. Increasing cash flow, cash reserves, and personal wealth can be life changing and business altering, and you achieve that right here right now! Implement the multi-faceted cash flow management system and solve your cash flow chaos once and for all. Discover how to get your first construction draw at the start of the job instead of at the end, learn to squash excess spending, effectively navigate the mortgage company maze, and get your final payment in days instead of waiting months.


The Estimator Extraordinaire

Creating Excellence and High Profits in Estimating

Most contractors believe their estimators are leaving money on the table missing legitimate charges that go unrecorded. It’s not that estimators don’t want to be thorough but they may be untrained, unfamiliar, or uninformed regarding charges and Xactimate estimating tools that lead to a full and comprehensive scope of repair. You can take your estimating from good to great and create a culture of excellence that makes you more money on every job every time! Few improvements make a bigger difference in business than creating extraordinarily effective estimating systems and practices that exemplify the industry’s best.


The Rain-Maker

Nail It—Make Your Next Million in Roofing

Roofing is a strong money maker for General Contractors willing to provide this service. In the past 10 years roofing has become a high priority for TPAs and preferred contractor programs dramatically increasing the claims volume to contractors. Most insurance carriers send their roofing claims through their TPA programs directly to their preferred General Contractors. If you want to expand your business, become a more dominant area contractor, and add more money to your bottom line this revenue generator may be for you!

Customized Coaching Plans


The Business Buyer’s Edge

Make the Absolute Best Decision Buying the Perfect Business for You

There may be a unique set of issues you are facing that you need immediate help with. You determine your growth goals or problems to be addressed, and we will develop a customized approach to precisely fit your needs.


The Wealth Builder

Increase Your Personal Wealth with a Net Profit Explosion

This customized plan helps business owners who are frustrated, struggling, stuck, or in trouble financially learn how to immediately increase your revenue and improve your profits and begin making more money than ever before! Every owner wants to build their personal wealth through their business. If your company’s net profit is less than 20% you can begin changing that today. This customized plan will find and fix the profit killers robbing you of your personal wealth and well-being.


The Business Customizer

100% Customized Plan for the Pursuit of Business Excellence

There may be a unique set of issues you are facing that you need immediate help with. You determine your growth goals or problems to be addressed, and we will develop a customized approach to precisely fit your needs.